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Will Samsung ditch Android?

It’s a good time to take a look at Samsung. There’s been some astonishing stuff that we want to examine that will change everything from software development to hardware. Samsung could pull off something that no one is expecting and that is saying farewell to Android.

Yes as per the most recent rumors coming from South Korea, in a couple of years Samsung could bid farewell to android and use the fuchsia OS on its upcoming Galaxy Smartphones. This rumor is circulating in the tech community for a while now.

You may have heard of Fuchsia OS before, Fuchsia OS is essentially considered as a replacement for Android. Fuchsia is a new OS, is created by Google which will run on future pixel gadgets and Chromebook. It has certain developer-level benefits over Android like is it has a better kernel, new toolkit for applications. New OS will allow Google to have even better control over the software combined with their chip in return giving users the best software experience.
It looks like Samsung is especially interested in this venture. There is a good amount of certainty that Samsung will give preference to Fuchsia over Android. The two organizations are already working very closely as we have seen this year Samsung x Google.

They worked together to make the new Wear Os, to re-establish its smartwatch platform. Additionally, Samsung’s played a significant role with the camera hardware for the Google Pixel 6 series. As the custom silica these two are working on giving more certainty to the rumors that Samsung will also go with Fuchsia OS instead of Andriod for its flagship phones in the upcoming launch cycle. Fuchsia OS looks promising as Beta Version is being reviewed by several tech influencers and developers. it will usher in a new era for developers.

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