What is effective communication?

How can you enhance your communication skills

Communication, just like every other ability, is something that you can develop through practice. Here are some ways to begin improving your communication skills, either at your home or on the job. A successful communication is precise and precise in what we intend to communicate.

1. Consider your audience.

Who are you talking to? Make sure you’re aware of the people you plan to contact could be different from those who actually read your messages. Understanding your target audience is crucial to deliver the correct messages efficiently. Their race, age, gender, ethnicity and marital status, as well as their educational level, income knowledge, knowledge of subject matter, and work experience affect how they’ll be able to receive your message.

When you’re advertising for a fast-food restaurant, for instance it’s possible to reach out to a crowd that is most likely to have a craving. It could be a sign at the end of the highway which displays a huge cheeseburger. It also informs drivers that the nearest location is only about two miles.

If you’re in the process of telling your family members about your wedding. You could organize a celebration following the celebration, send them pictures of your engagement via a group chat or surprise them with a conversation during dinner two weeks following, or share the news to social platforms. Your preferred method of communication will be based on your family’s dynamics.

2. Practice active listening.

Listening actively refers to the act of paying attention to your surroundings during a conversation.

Certain techniques are paying close attention to your body’s language offering positive verbal cues, making inquiries, as well as demonstrating non-judgment. Before you begin your conversation make sure you consider who your target audience is and make sure you practice active listening in order to discover the core of their wants and needs. In this way, you will be able to enhance your communication skills as counselor or social worker, marketer teacher, colleague, or your friend.

Below are some instances of active listening practice:

  • If you’re in the field of marketing,you could be engaged in social listening to collect information about consumers through social media platforms such as Instagram as well as TikTok.
  • If you’re an instructor,you might take advantage of feedback forms for the semester’s end and address your students’ demands by holding one-on-one sessions in the office during business hours. Your students may also decide to join in discussions following your lecture, or at the very least be attentive as they ask questions.
  • If you’re an administrator for your team,you might read Slack messages from your colleagues to determine if they are unhappy by the work load and respond by resetting priorities for the coming weeks. This signals to the team that their voice is heard.
  • If you’re parents,you might have a disagreement with your child over doing their homework. However, when you ask them questions in clear communication, they could admit that their teacher made an unmotivating comment that made them disengaged.

3. Send your message as clearly as is possible.

After you have identified your target audience and heard their thoughts or needs You may have something to convey. For effective communication consider the five C’s of communicating to ensure your message follows:


  • Clear
  • Correct
  • Complete
  • Concise
  • Compassionate

Make sure you communicate in a manner that demonstrates the majority of these qualities.

4. Choose the appropriate media or the right platform.

Making use of the correct method or platform for communicating is crucial. Effective communication requires you to think about whether you’ll need to get together in person or whether Zoom is sufficient. Does your message seem casual enough to be able to send it via WhatsApp or would an official email be more effective and comprehensive? If you’re catching up with a person, do you and your friend prefer to communicate over the phone or through traditional letters? Whichever method you decide to use is logical and suitable for your needs and current situation.

It is possible to determine the priority level as well as the kind of information required. In an advertising campaign, will there be a visual component that is posted on Instagram as well as a podcast? The platform could be used for a Facebook posting, product position in a movie, or an affixed poster that is displayed in cafes? If it’s a lecture in a university will students prefer to attend online or in person? There will be a discussion following the lecture? Would it be beneficial to hold the discussion in a bar or cafe or an outdoor field?

When you consider your audience and practicing active listening, defining your message and selecting the best medium or location you’re on the way to enhancing your efficiency in your communication.

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