Samsung Galaxy S22 Launch Postponed

With the present Pandemic circumstances, the tech world is currently confronting a number of issues. The shortage of semiconductors is creating havoc on the plans for the launch of tech firms. According to reliable tipper Jon Prosser Samsung will also be affected by the shortage. Samsung is likely to face supply issues for the brand new Galaxy S22 series. The rumor has it that they will launch the Galaxy S22 series after its launch on the 9th of February will be available for pre-orders, but their sales on the market will be delayed until the final day of February.

According to reports, the Galaxy S22 Ultra official sales will be delayed until February 25 and Samsung’s Galaxy S22 and S22+ versions are delayed until 11th of March.

We haven’t received any official announcement from Samsung about the delay in selling the Galaxy S22 series official sales. We will have to wait until the 9th of February to see what Samsung will have to announce. There’s a high possibility that Samsung denies these claims and that the sales will be according to their plans.

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