Samsung A52 Specifications​

If you were shown Samsung A52 Specifications without revealing what the model’s name is, you’d not be aware that it’s an update of Galaxy A51. There are a lot of high-end features in the Galaxy A52 — stereo speakers and water resistance, as well as a high-resolution screen which elevate it over what we’d expect from a mid-priced Galaxy phone.

Samsung A52 Specifications - Design

The first indication of how distinct this Galaxy A52 is from its predecessors is in its design. The front of the phone is still a screen with a punch-hole for the selfie camera however, all of the rainbow-like gradient effect has been replaced with an elegant, sleek view of rear of the handset. This minimalist design is typical of all Samsung’s mid-rangers from 2021. Samsung has also chosen a matte back and sides, which means that the A52 appear more expensive over A50 and A50 and A51 although the sides and the back are made of made of plastic. Naturally, the largest changes in design can’t be observed but only felt. It’s the Galaxy A52 it is water and dust-resistant, which means it’s much more durable for everyday use. Water resistance isn’t the top item in the list of things that are essential for all, but its inclusion in the A52 is extremely welcome.

Samsung A52 Display


A 90Hz rate of refresh of Galaxy A52’s 90Hz refresh rate Galaxy A52 makes it feel similar to Samsung’s flagship phones during everyday operations than other mid-ranger Samsung has made. Other mid-range Galaxies may be fast however they’re never fluid. However, that is not the case anymore. This Snapdragon 720G is fully capable of consistently delivering this high refresh rate, leading to smooth animations as well as smooth scrolling across all screens. Galaxy A52 offers a fantastic visual experience thanks to its AMOLED display. There are a few occasional slowdowns such as when you’re playing a game, and you switch back to your home screen, or when apps are running in the background, however 90% of the time the high refresh rate stays. 

Even when the high refresh rate is disabled even with the high refresh rate turned off, even with the high refresh rate turned off, Galaxy A52 offers a fantastic visual experience thanks to its AMOLED display. It offers vibrant colors, deep blacks as well as wide angles of view and the brightness of 800 nits that the display can reach in high-brightness mode is plenty to allow for a comfortable viewing experience even in harsh light (although the display may be quite reflective at times). And, of course, the display is secured from scratches by Gorilla Glass 5 rather than the obsolete Gorilla Glass 3 with Samsung’s Galaxy A51.

Samsung A52 Specifications - Software

Samsung’s Galaxy A52 joins an ever-growing list of phones running Android 11 and One UI 3.1 from the beginning. The Galaxy A52 comes with the majority of features found on the top Galaxies like the complete Bixby suite that includes the fantastic Bixby Routines; all the Google integrations which the Galaxy S21 introduced, like Google Discover on the home screen, and Google Messages chosen as the default messaging app as well as everything else that we have come to love about Samsung’s phones, including screen recorder with theme support, Samsung Pay, Secure Folder, Edge panels, and Always On Display.

It is true that the Galaxy A52 does miss out on a very beneficial feature that was introduced in One UI 3.1 called video call effects. This feature lets you blur the background of popular video calling applications like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Duo I’m guessing that the absence of raw power of Galaxy A52 Galaxy A52 is the reason that video call effects are absent. Perhaps, they’re not available because Samsung isn’t looking to achieve complete equality between its flagships and its mid-ranger models with regard to software capabilities.


The Snapdragon 720G isn’t the fastest or most powerful processor It’s adequate to give a fast and smooth experience for users whatever you happen to be doing with your phone. That’s something you wouldn’t claim about Samsung’s Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A51. As we’ve mentioned in the section on display there are times when things slow down at times, but it’s rarely enough that you’ll never be able to complain.

Gaming performance is great as well, with games such as Asphalt 9 and Call of Duty running smoothly even at the highest settings without heating the phone too much after prolonged games. However, I did not see an option to play Asphalt 9 in 60 frames per second therefore this high-refresh rate might not be an option (no no pun meant) in all titles (to not be unfair, it’s not the only case that require flagship phones with high refresh rates).

Samsung A52 Camera

Samsung A52 Specifications - Cameras

Galaxy A52 has a 64MP main rear camera that has OIS, 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera as well as an 5-megapixel depth camera (used to capture bokeh images) and macro camera with 5MP resolution. Let’s begin on the subject of the 5MP macro camera. It’s almost as ineffective similar to the camera for macro that are found on different Galaxy phones. With just 5 megapixels, and lacking autofocus, the pictures they take are sterile and lacking in detail. Also, knowing when an object is focused is a challenge. It is possible to get good images of your food but at the end of the day, the macro camera is an extra layer on the spec sheet.

The rear camera’s 64MP resolution is, in turn, excellent for phones in the mid-range. With OIS blurry photos (and shaking videos) are no longer a problem photographs made in daylight are sharp and have excellent dynamic range. However, the color reproduction may be off, and cause things to appear less vivid than they really are. Nighttime performance is quite good also, with the use in Night Mode. For reasons unknown the phone can sometimes take better low-light photos when in auto mode rather than Night mode.

Battery Life

Samsung’s A5x series of smartphones finally got an upgrade to the battery capacity with a 4,500 mAh cell in Samsung’s Galaxy A52 delivers in spades. When you use it for moderate to light usage and the high-refresh rate activated it will last more than two days without an charge. When you’re using it heavily you will be able to easily reach your bedtime without you have to load it onto the charger. Battery life is great in a nutshell, and will not be able to keep you up, no matter what. With a 25W battery, you can charge your phone fully in 15 minutes and an hour and 10 minutes of charging will get you around 20 percent. However, you’ll only get a 15W charger included in the box, meaning you’ll need around two hours to charge the phone fully in the event that you don’t buy 25W bricks. 

Audio Call Quality

Galaxy A52 and the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 aren’t the only mid-range smartphones made by Samsung with the stereo speaker, however, they’re the first phones equipped with stereo speakers that are widely accessible. Samsung states that the stereo speakers will provide a louder audio output when in comparison to last model Galaxy A51 and A71, however, I haven’t felt any change, even when Dolby Atmos on.

These speakers could be 10% louder, but due to the stereo configuration they offer a more full and more powerful sound. It’s not as powerful as Samsung’s top models, however definitely superior to anything we’ve experienced on any previous middle-rate Galaxy phone. The speakers certainly helped make watching the most recent Godzilla Kong vs Kong trailer entertaining, but I’m betting that most people would prefer headphones instead.

The Galaxy A52 does feature a headphone jack, however you’ll have bring your own headphones since there aren’t any available in the box. Actually, I believe Samsung has stopped providing headphones in the box to make the sake of convenience, regardless of what class of phone it belongs to. The earbuds that supplied by the company on its mid-range phones. incredible, but you do need to keep the cost in your mind when purchasing these gadgets.

Yess it has that fingerprint Sensor But still I fight for a loss using on the 5G A52 is the on-display fingerprint reader. I’ve been told off on the phone a number of times for not putting my finger in the sensor for enough time and, in most cases, I require two or more attempts before it registers.

Is Samsung A52 Worth buying

It’s the Galaxy A52 is the best mid-range phone by Samsung to date. It actually feels similar to a premium phone. In some markets that’s for the reason it’s priced slightly over that of the Galaxy A51. It’s great that you’re getting a top-quality phone.  In other words Samsung’s Galaxy A52 does everything right and you can purchase one without looking If you’re shopping for a phone that is less than 65,000 Pkr.

Samsung A52 Price in Pakistan

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