Realme 9 Pro Series Launching Soon in Feb

This month comes with only a handful of events in the queue to be waited for. The 9th Samsung will hold its Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy Tab S8 series launch event , and shortly after that it will be the Realme event. The Realme Color-Changing 9 Pro Series is ready to go on sale on the 16th of February. The Realme has revealed that they will be launching their latest “Light Shift Design” i.e. Color-Changing technology will be a part of the coming Realme 9 Pro series.

On February 16, Realme will announce two new phones with a budget that will join its “Number Series”.

Based on Realme according to Realme, the “Light Shifting Design” is taken by an animal called a “chameleon” which changes color to hide itself from the surroundings. The design is influenced by organic photochromic and photochromic materials. In order to create the chameleon effect the molecular structure was modified. Below are the steps explained as to how Realme achieved their technology that alters color:

  • In order to create the desired effect of color transition the first-ever dual-layer photochromic process is used.
  • An organic layer of composite is then added. The layer does not just create the desired effect but can also increases the rate of color change.

The brand new technology for changing colors is coming to the Sunrise Blue variant of the two new phones. The color will change from red to blue in five seconds in ultraviolet light or sunlight. The transition will return in Sunrise Blue when the phone is away from the sun.

The phone that was launched last month by Vivo V23 series was also equipped with the same design of a color-changing feature. It won’t become the only time we’ll see the color-changing technology on phones.

Let’s take a look of Realme 9 Pro series specs. According to Realme they say that it is expected that the Pro+ will be equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G chipset, whereas the Realme 9 Pro will have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 695.

The date for the launch is too far from the horizon, but waiting after all these rumors is going to be a challenge because the leaked and speculated features are interesting and unique.

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