Oneplus 10 Pro Weekly Poll Updates

The OnePlus 10 Pro might not have any spectacular enhancements, but it’s expected to be an impressive advancement over the 9 Pro according to the Poll last Week. As the cost of every OnePlus flagship increased and fans began to be more selective, they were eager to buy.

A majority of those that are interested in 10 Pro will be holding off until the reviews come out, and they should be able to read them. A smaller, yet still substantial percentage of voters are already satisfied with what they have seen and shouldn’t be expecting any unexpected surprises.

The most intriguing aspect of these reviews will be the way in which they will evaluate how the Snapdragon 8Gen 1 is performing, however this is an issue for the majority of 2020 Android flagships. The improvements made to 2nd-generation Hasselblad camera are another factor to consider, especially because OnePlus isn’t yet a periscope lens, and removed the large sensor from its ultrawide camera (but is equipped with a bigger lens).

Another major issue that concerns potential buyers is what happens to OxygenOS following its integration with ColorOS. In the end, OxygenOS was among the primary reasons to purchase a OnePlus.

The majority of people are likely to have time think about these questions since this OnePlus 10 Pro is only available in China currently (where it comes with ColorOS). The phone is likely to launch in March Globally. However, we aren’t hearing anything about pricing, either informally or not. At that point, there will be at least two or three major launches.
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