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It’s easy to learn about what you are interested in. German magazines can be a great way to learn about your interests, hobbies, or pastimes.

It’s a great way for you to keep up with the latest German vocabulary in your field. You can also use it to say “I’m Working” while you sit down and have a cup a coffee in a quiet corner. 😉

Here’s a selection from the most popular German magazines, as viewed by German speakers in Germany and Austria.

You can find them both online and in hard copy.

News & General

  • Der Spiegel, 675,000 copies sold weekly. The German leading news magazine. It focuses on politics and business. You can also access the English version online. This is not necessarily a complete translation of the original German articles.
  • Stern, a weekly magazine of news, is 360,000 copies. It was established in 1948. Journalists love its emphasis on photography and long, detailed reporting. Direct competitor to Der Spiegel, Focus.
  • Focus, 250,000 copies. There is less emphasis on politics or economics and more focus on everyday themes like family, finances, careers, and health.
  • Profil, about 90,000 copies. This is the Austrian version for German magazine Der Spiegel.


  • Capital, motto “Wirtschaft ist Gesellschaft”, a monthly finance and business magazine selling around 120,000 copies.
  • WirtschaftsWoche (WIWO), a weekly business magazine, selling around 100,000 copies. WiWo Green is a portal about green topics that was established in 2013. The site also features annual German university rankings and an annual best-office award.

Computers & IT

  • c’t, Magazin fur Computer Technik is Germany’s most important computer magazine.
  • Computer Bild is the most widely read German-language computer magazine.
  • PC-Welt (“PC World”) monthly magazine, one of Germany’s oldest computer magazines for professional and advanced users.
  • Auto
  • Auto Bild was a leading weekly auto magazine. It sold approximately 250,000 copies and has since created a brand family that includes a variety of related magazines.
  • Auto, Motor und Sport, is published biweekly, with a special focus on test results. There are approximately 330,000 copies.
  • Celebs & Gossip
  • Commonly known by the name “Tratsch und Klatsch”.
  • BUNTE, Germany’s top-selling gossip magazine, covers stars, royals and entertainment with a circulation around 340,000. The celebrities it covers are often in court cases!


Bravo, the largest magazine for teens, has become a household name with many spin-off magazines. Bravo TV – A youth TV magazine, Bravo Sport, Bravo Hits (music), and the online portal.

  • Gewinn, “Das Wirtschaftsmagazin Fur Ihren Personlichen Vorteil”, an Austrian personal finance magazine, selling around 50,000 copies monthly.
  • Handelszeitung, Switzerland’s biggest weekly business magazine, is selling approximately 35,000 copies to German-speakers.

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