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Professional Video Live Stream

We provide live streaming in Singapore. Profit from the growing trend of live streaming video and broadcast live to an audience greater than you could ever imagine. If you’re stream live an internal panel discussion, webinar or an event for the public. Our team is able to help you to achieve professional outcomes.

End-to-end Webcast Integration

If you’re looking to integrate our live streaming service to your existing conferencing system or you are searching for a complete solution. Our team will assist you to determine the most economical solution.

Physical or Remote Live Stream

Live streaming is available from one or five locations, locally or worldwide. We offer a flexible live webcasting solutions to meet your needs. Our live streaming team can assist you from start until the end.

Private Live Streaming Platform

There are a variety of free-to-air and commercial streaming services. If you are in need of live streaming for your private purposes we can assist you to incorporate our video live production into private live webcasting platforms.

Live Stream Services Singapore

The pandemic threat in 2020 has increased the development of live streaming solutions across the globe. Prior to being reserved for special occasions Live streaming has been adopted as the standard for every event. We have assisted in delivering excellent live streaming events and experiences to a variety of sectors, from consumer companies to formal corporate events.

Live streaming video is a great option for different occasions to meet your goals for business. Create a webinar and broadcast to your entire staff or expand the reach for your occasion by broadcasting to a crowd who is unable to attend the entire streams. You could also live stream short segments of your roadshow or even open houses to draw more attendees for your event.

Tailored For Every Budget

Our team is focused on small – to mid-sized stream production.

Live streaming is a part of our production that covers hybrid and virtual event applications. Live stream services that we provide to every client have different uses and one solution cannot suit all. Contact the project manager of our company to talk about the live stream production you are interested in.

Multiple Camera Live Stream

We offer multi camera live streaming between 2 and 8 cameras. Multiple camera angles assist to ensure that the focus is on the right focus in your live stream.

Pre-recorded Live Stream

Mixing recorded pre-recorded footage with live video segments. We can produce an exciting live stream that will attract your virtual audience.

Green Screen Live Stream

We can incorporate a customized virtual backgrounds into your stream live. Virtual backgrounds can be extremely efficient and economical in your broadcast.

Hybrid Event Live Stream

Mixing remote and physical presenters with the audience. Integration with AV setups in the auditorium and hotel for live streaming in a hybrid fashion.

Worldwide Live Stream

We also can play a supporting function for your worldwide live stream. We are able to connect our production system to your international live streaming partner.

Government & GeBiz Live Streaming

We assist government agencies and the public sector with live webinars, webcasting, and live streaming productions in Singapore. Our service can be customized to manage your entire project from beginning to end as well as integrate with your existing platforms, or work with your vendor. Vivid Snaps LLC has been GeBiz registered.

Beyond the physical live streaming production, we can assist your organization in organising worldwide live streaming events that feature live speakers from overseas. If speakers aren’t able to broadcast live due to differences in time zones We can assist with live event recording in advance.

On-site Live Streaming

We bring our live streamers to you. Making use of your conference rooms auditoriums or even event spaces. You can organize an entire event at your office.

Studio Live Streaming

Free studio use in the Kallang Place location. You can stream live from our studio equipped with a green screen professional equipment and a team.

Zoom Webinar Management

The most straightforward way to organize the event via virtual means is not easy enough. We are able to control the software and take care of each aspect the Zoom Virtual Event.

Pre-recorded Webinar

Professionally recorded panel discussion, presentation. Combining international and local presenters, and embedding of slides of presentation, along with customized graphics.

Incorporate Existing Content

We can integrate the contents of your videos and other media in your stream. You can also make an overview from your stream on social media.

High-end vMix Production

Our team utilize industry standard vMix Live Production software to create Live video recording. It allows you to integrate tools for engagement during events.

Live Stream Production Process

Live streaming that is successful requires a strong teamwork Our team of project managers and staff will be there all the way during your virtual or hybrid event.

How We Do It

Then, we capture the live event using either a single or multi-camera setup depending on how complex the project needs to be. The video and audio streams are then plugged to a vision mixer together with the logos of our clients and graphics, animations, for example.

We utilize the vMix professional software vision mixer used in the majority of our live-streaming applications. It’s a top-quality software that lets you switch multiple inputs, mixing recordings, audio as well as Livestream cameras, videos as well as audio with resolutions up to 4K.

A backup copy of this live stream is stored on the portable hard drive to be used by our client in the future.

With a reliable Internet connection, live stream is then sent via one of the of the online channels that the clients select.

We typically live-stream on Youtube, Facebook Live, Instagram and Twitch. The viewers only need to sign up and are able to begin watching the live stream nearly immediately.

Do you need help with developing your own content? We can build livestream studios for clients.

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