How to Become an Authorized HP Reseller

The company they named has maintained an open policy regarding its employees and, in turn its resellers, who are referred in the form of “partners.” A small-sized business looking be an Reseller Hp laptops could choose to apply to be partners or become an HP reseller by joining the open distribution program.

This lets you enter into the agreement of one of HP’s distributors instead of HP itself. The decision you make will depend on the degree to which you would like to be a part of the inclusive nature of HP and requirements for resellers.

Become a Partner


If you are a business owner, you must incorporate your company If you’re not already incorporated if you want to join as an HP partner.

HP demands all its resellers and partners to be integrated.

Your domain name must contain the email addresses of your customers.


Go to the HP Partner Portal at and register for the HP Partner Portal by clicking “Register” at the top left. HP states that signing up to the portal will permit you to join HP communication, to sign contract addenda , and access marketing and training tools.

As a brand new reseller, select “Option A.” This will open an application where you’ll need to create a password as well as a user ID. You will also need to fill in essential business details including your business or email addresses. Select “Register New Partner Company” at the bottom of the page.


Review the confirmation email once it arrives to ensure the contents are correct. Within 4 days, you’ll get another email from HP informing you if you’ve been approved or whether the business is in need of additional details. The confirmation email includes information from the “HP U.S. Partnering Guide,” that will provide how to go through the other steps. A representative from your business accept an HP Partner Agreement when HP gives the agreement to you.

Use Open Distribution


Apply to an authorized HP distributor, D&H, Synnex, TechData or Ingram Micro, to become an authorized reseller under an open distributor program. Find the links to the sites from these businesses by choosing and clicking on the PDF file called “US Distributor Summary Matrix” on the “Become a Partner” page on HP’s site (

The list includes several companies, as well as their websites links. However, to resell HP products via open distribution, you need the following companies: D&H, Synnex, TechData or Ingram Micro. Click on the link of the one you prefer.

The procedures vary for each company, so be sure to follow the directions on specific sites to register. For DH for instance simply click”new customer” on the “New Customer” bar at the left-hand corner of the website and you’ll be directed to a new customer sign-up page, which requires you to provide an ID number for tax purposes and other company details.

The other three companies also offer similar signup procedures.


Then, at the bottom of the “Become an HP Partner” page ( You can click on the PDF document “List of Open Products,” that lists the products that you can resell using HP’s Open Distribution Program. With this application, you are able to sell HP scanners, printers, laptops and desktop computers, as well as certain server and storage equipment.


Visit the website of the companies or businesses through which you’re selling once you’ve been approved.

HP mentions that these companies are able to help small businesses with details about the availability of products and financing options, as well as training programs as well as technical and sales support.

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