How much does it really cost to charter a luxury yacht?

Understanding the costs involved in chartering a luxury super yacht can seem daunting at first. You need to be aware of the two main things you should know: your base price, also known as a charter fee or charter rate, and what additional fees you will have to pay. Charter rates that include all inclusive are not common in the industry. Guests should expect to pay more than what is listed on brokers’ websites or in their brochures.

It’s best to think of buying a car as an analogy for how much your charter will cost. It’s not as simple as walking into a showroom and saying “I’ll take that blue one!” The salesman will immediately pull out his order pad, and begin asking questions. “Do you want a radio?” or “How about fancy wheels?” or “Did your preference go for two-tone paint?” The yacht brokers can provide an accurate estimate of all costs upfront. Here is what you can expect for Yacht Rental Turkey.

What is a yacht charter?

Chartering a yacht involves paying a fee to rent a superyacht from the owner for a specified period. There is also a pre-arranged itinerary that will dictate where you will be sailing onboard. You will have full access to the superyacht’s amenities such as a swimming area, beach club or cinema. The toybox often contains equipment for watersports like wakeboarding or snorkelling. Charters will include a yacht’s crew taking care of all your needs, such as ferrying you to shore, washing laundry, and cooking meals.

How much does it cost for a superyacht to be chartered?

BOAT International’s listings show that charter vacations can cost from EUR14,000 per Week (20 mt yacht George V) up to EUR2,200,000 Per Week (126.2 Octopus). The general rule is that the larger yachts are more expensive, but it’s not always true. There are many factors that influence the charter fee, as well as the additional expenses.

According to BOAT International’s listings, superyachts smaller than 30 metres LOA will be charged a weekly charter fee of EUR40,000. Yachts larger than 30 meters will cost an average EUR70.895 per week.

The charter rate for vessels over 40m is EUR100,000. Yachts between 50-60m are on average EUR219-826 per week. Yachts between 60-70m have an average EUR444,521 per week. Yachts between 60-70m and 60m cost EUR219,826. Charterers can expect to pay around EUR1.7 million per week for megayachts of 80 meters and more. This is only an average price. Each yacht’s charter rate will depend on many factors such as how many cabins and amenities are available, the dates, and the locations where the charter takes places.

What factors influence the cost of a yacht charter’s base price?

Comparison of high season and low season

There are two main rates you will see: the high season and the low season. These dates will be set for each rate. Chartering for special events can be more costly. This includes New Year’s Eve, Monaco’s Grand Prix, Cannes’ Film Festival, the America’s Cup sidelines, or even Cannes’s Film Festival.

You need to be careful when choosing your times. One week can be the difference between high season and low season. However, the weather is the same as in the more expensive periods. High season prices could mean an increase of EUR6,000 per week for yachts with a length between 30 and 40 meters. BOAT’s listings for yachts measuring 60 to 80 meters show the largest increase in charter rates between low and high seasons. However, high season rates can cost up to EUR33,000 more.

The yacht itself

While the yacht is an important factor in determining charter costs, it’s also about its size. A newly launched charter yacht built by a renowned builder and with a popular charter crew will command high prices due to its size. Yachts with a storied name or a history in celebrity ownership (e.g. Malcolm Forbes’s iconic charter yacht Highlander that hosted Elizabeth Taylor, HRH Prince Charles and others) can command higher rates to reflect their “fame”. Yachts with unique features, like cinemas or extraordinary water toys, are more expensive.

Three 30 meter charter yachts can vary in price by up to EUR75,000. Ask your broker about the differences. One yacht might have a bigger crew or a famous chef. A different yacht may be less tired and in a better location. It’s important that you understand why prices are different. Some brokers offer discounts on charter fees for yachts with a charter gap.

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