Fairphone ( Most Fair Mobile Phone )

Have you ever look through a word Fairphone? Why you should give a thought buying this ?
Smart phones are used by millions of people around the globe. Among all the users does any one have a notion that how these smartphones are assembled ?
We are providing some basic knowledge of the materials and minerals that are utilized in the manufacturing of these smartphones . Almost all the makers of smartphones hire a third party to perform their tasks and this externalization is mainly from third world countries like the democratic republic of Congo.
Developing countries go on trading with developed countries for example natural resources like oil ,coal and minerals. Miners working in harsh circumstances are poorly paid and even children are hired for this purpose. These miners are not more than bondages because these business companies only want to make money.
By taking in to consideration all the factors of breaching civil rights and civil liberties there comes the fairphone.
Its the first ever virtuous smartphone.

A company in Amsterdem is devoted in making smartphones causing minimal damage to humans and earth while considering moral principles in mind.
Buying raw materials ,work environment and even the laborers the company is handling everything in a legitimate manner.
The four main minerals that are utilized in the making of fairphones are tin , tungsten , tantalum and gold. Plastic is also used.
Reprocessed plastics are utilized in the manufacturing of these fairphones because they cause least damage to earth . All these four minerals are obtained righteously .
Fairphone 1 launced in 2013 shown a great outcome and in 2015 second fairphone was introduced.
Reprocessed materials are used in fairphones as much as possible . It can be fixed efficiently by decreasing hazardous waste which is produced on a large scale daily basis. Company manufacturing fairphones is devoted in protecting the environment as much as possible. This is our utmost responsibility as a citizen to give a good chance to these companies and encourage them to value their efforts .

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