Doubt on PTA’s QoS Survey by Mobile Operators

Jazz has denied the claims of PTA of non-compliance in QoS and has rejected the survey to be flawed. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has recently conducted an Quality of Services (QoS) survey of mobile phone operator (CMOs) and handed down a massive fine to the largest telecom provider in Pakistan, Jazz.

The dispute over the fine is occurring during a time where an auction for spectrum was held by the PTA where mobile operators showed much enthusiasm for acquiring more spectrum. The rumor is spread by some industry experts that the PTA may employing these tactics to get an attempt to retaliate against mobile operators over its failed auction. However, a PTA spokespersons have strongly denied the rumors, stating that Jazz as well as the other licensees is a part of its most valued licensees and will ensure the entire industry, in the same way, the interest of consumers is of the utmost importance, and it will not compromise in providing QoS for its customers. PTA is working together with industry players in mobile to assure the Quality of Service. The QoS survey that is being conducted is a part of the process , and follows international best practices , with sole aim to ensure in ensuring that the mobile services are consistent with the standards specified by the license for mobile services.

In a statement issued by Jazz on the latest PTA decision, they state that “Jazz believes there is a distinct gap in the methodological procedure used to assess the quality of services provided by PTA and the agreed upon mechanisms that has resulted in these controversial conclusions. However, for its part, Jazz is further reviewing PTA’s ruling and will discuss the issue in the near future, since our primary goal is to provide the best satisfaction for customers”.

Jazz Finds PTA’s QoS Survey to be faulty

The mobile operator cellular (CMO) Jazz has the largest number of users in the nation. This means that Jazz is likely to face more maintenance problems opposed to others telecom firms. This is why Jazz has put more resources into maintaining its service. They have also employed a greater number of employees in comparison to other telecom companies.

The telecom regulator in the country has declared that Jazz was not in compliance with QoS in key performance indicators. Therefore, PTA has inflicted a massive penalty that is PKR 30 million against Jazz for non-compliance with the quality of services (QoS). The company, however, Jazz has denied all allegations and has requested to investigate the latest survey that were conducted by PTA.

Certain experts have expressed reservations about the significant possibility that jazz is right , and the PTA’s representatives who conducted the poll may not have the proper technology and tools for carrying out the study.
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