Vivo V21 5G Review, Your Next Selfie Phone

Vivo V21 5G Review

The Vivo V21 5G has tough competition but stands out with its incredible selfie camera.

An excellent phone if you are interested in taking selfies or making videos with the camera on the front. The V21 5G has an excellent screen, however there are other compromises you’ll have to accept. When you believed there was no room for a mid-range competitor, Vivo somehow manages to distinguish itself from the rest. Vivo V21 typically comes with a feature that other phones with similar prices don’t and the V21 5G’s most popular feature is the selfie-camera. The camera’s 44MP resolution comes with optical stabilization that isn’t seen before for front-facing cameras. In fact, it’s the only camera I’ve seen with OIS technology, a feature normally reserved for the rear camera.

It is capable of taking great pictures even in dim light and it could be a great camera for the selfie-lovers’ phone or users who need to use the camera on their front to record video in order to upload them on TikTok, YouTube or Instagram.

But do you think the rest of the V21 up to par? It will be revealed if you continue reading.



Features & Design

  • 3mm
  • 176g
  • Plastic frame + back

The V21 is a phone that’s slim with a little more than 7mm thick. The camera on the rear is visible just like on a lot of phones. There’s also more interest in this phone with an angled section that houses the flash. You’d never know that the frame and back are made of plastic. The matte finish on the back can be made of glass. There’s also a richness in the hue when the light shines upon the back.

On the right side, there is a textured power button beneath the volume rocker. Finally, the SIM tray is at the bottom in front of the grill for speakers. There’s a speaker below the screen, it’s only for calls: The sound is mono on to the V21 and it’s extremely tiny with zero bass. It doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone socket, but there’s Bluetooth 5.1 which allows you to pair wireless headphones. Inside the box, you’ll find headphones with wires along with the USB-C-to 3.5mm adapter. There’s no IP rating whatsoever, so technically, you shouldn’t let the V21 to be submerged. It’s likely to survive the occasional splash, and can be used under light rain conditions.

Vivo V21 5G also has Wi-Fi 5 GPS as well as NFC along with Google Pay is supported.



  • 64Mp main camera
  • 8Mp ultrawide, 2Mp macro
  • 44Mp selfie camera

The 64Mp camera in the main camera can take very excellent photos. It is also equipped with OIS which improves sharpness even in low lighting. Beware of the option to change to 2x within the camera’s default app There isn’t a Telephoto lens.


For switching between lens, you must tap the Lens button. You can then change between ultrawide, wide or super macro lenses. It’s more difficult than simply having a number of zoom settings at the lower right on the display. With the many ultrawide 8Mp cameras that are found on mid-range smartphones, the image quality is average however nothing extraordinary. The 2Mp macro lens is nearly ready for display as buyers are looking for at least three cameras nowadays.


It’s the camera for selfies that is the star here, taking clear, sharp photos indoors and out. Cameras on the front are typically a second-class camera, but with the roles reversed on the V21, it’s an ideal device for anyone who is a frequent selfie-taker or who needs to capture videos of themselves. There are many effects and filters to pick from, including one that creates a monochrome background and makes your face the color. Portrait mode takes this far more with a variety of cosmetic options, including creating a thinner face and changing the look of your nose, chin and cheeks. The aperture slider mimics the effect of bokeh, and you can are able to view in real-time how your background will appear.

When you shoot video, be aware that the OIS does not work in 4K video. The only alternatives are 720p and 1080p. A potential problem is that you are able to capture at 30 frames per second using the camera on the front.



  • 44in, 90Hz AMOLED display
  • 1080×2400 pixels, 20:9 ratio, 409ppi


Vivo might have reduced certain specifications to get the V21’s price level however the screen isn’t among the ones. Since it’s so crucial this is a good thing.


It utilizes AMOLED technology which gives you great viewing angles and vibrant colors as well as contrast. This also means that you can get an on-all-time display if you’re okay with having to take a hit to battery life. This is something that even the owners of the most recent iPhone do not understand and, if you’re using it instead of the watch to track time this is a huge benefit (especially since it doesn’t have a notification light). It’s also bright enough with around 500 nits if you turn the slider towards the right. It will get even brighter in the outdoors when it wants to.


Some might argue that the ‘water drop’ notch looks an old-fashioned design and it is possible that Vivo ought to have chosen an updated punch-hole design , but considering the high-end camera that it is simple to overlook. It’s also possible to conceal it by using some of the default wallpapers which are black on top. What you don’t see are the two spotlights with LEDs hidden in the bezel that is just over the display. They’re called spotlights since they don’t simply blink briefly as flashes: they also illuminate you , which allows you to take video even in dark conditions and even illuminate you up for photos.

Although it’s equipped to run at 90 Hz The default setting for the screen is 60Hz, which helps increase battery life.


Battery life

  • 4000mAh battery
  • 33W fast charging
  • No wireless charging

There’s nothing to be surprised about with this one: a battery that’s 4000mAh is a common feature on several Android phones, but it’s impressive to see it in an incredibly thin phone. It can last for up to two days when you use it lightly however, once you begin activating features like The 90Hz speed of the refresh rate and the never-stopping screen , and when you use high-demand applications (such games) the battery’s lifespan will decrease rapidly.

The battery test result of 14h58m on PC Mark’s work 3.0 testing was both impressive and groundbreaking with about 15 hours. The budget does not include wireless charging, however the fast charger of 33W included in the box can replenish nearly 60 percent of the battery’s power within a half-hour.


  • MediaTek 800U 5G chipset
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB storage + microSD card


It’s wonderful to see 8GB of RAM. the ample amount of storage is enhanced with a low-cost microSD card.

However, Vivo has cut a quite a large gap in the area of processors through the new 800U. It’s a chip we’ve seen in lower-priced phones, like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T which we looked at a year back. It’s a decent chip for the price that supports 5G However, here it’s not able to match the price well. This isn’t to say that the V21 does not perform very well in everyday use but it does. Applications launch quickly enough, Android 11 runs nice and smooth. However, it’s not the best option if you like playing games and want them to play at 90Hz and with high resolution.


It’s possible to play games and the V21 isn’t a hot phone however, you’re better off choosing a gaming phone with a similar cost (or slightly higher) when this is a important feature. It’s clear in the following results it isn’t quite as efficient as other mid-priced phones.


Expert’s Rating:



  • Excellent selfie camera
  • Good AMOLED screen
  • Slim


  • Not particularly powerful
  • So-so rear cameras
  • No IP rating


Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a mid-priced phone there are always sacrifices to be made. The most notable features include the selfie camera as well as the amazing screen, but they can be a disadvantage compared to the speed of processors and other features like water resistance or wireless charging.


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