Samsung Galaxy A12 Review

Okay, I’m aware that we typically showcase more expensive gadgets here However, this time we were able to get our hands on the most inexpensive, if not most affordable new models from Samsung & Yes Galaxy A12.

Samsung Galaxy A12 Review

In this Review we will Cover Detail Specifications along with Price Points. However, if you want to learn more about Samsung A12 Price in Pakistan you can Visit our Website and check latest Price & Updates regarding Samsung Galaxy A12.


If we refer to it as “cheap,” we’re not talking about really affordable. The phone starts at 24,999 Pkr . For the money, it’s very well built. It’s an all-plastic build and we like the blue hue and the texture of the back make it enjoyable to hold. There are also there are a couple of cool features are included. There is dual sim support by way of a dedicated Micro SD card slot and an audio jack for headphones. In order to be sure that you are not overly excited however the back feels somewhat hollow, and it can flex when we press it. In addition, for security, you have the side-mounted fingerprint scanner, which is a great job. There’s a chance of a misread. is possible, however we’ve found that it’s fairly efficient and reliable. Last but not last we have one bottom-firing speaker, which is quiet but doesn’t distort very significantly when you’re listening at maximum volume.


The display isn’t sufficient in brightness to be used outdoors without difficulty however it can suffice for those who want to glance at a short email or two as you walk your dog. The screen dims often so that you don’t get blinded at evening. The display isn’t AMOLED therefore don’t expect dazzling colors, but the IPS technology it’s with is impervious to burn-in and doesn’t fade and still delivers adequate colors for an typical user. A second thing to consider is that you won’t get excessively high-refresh rates here , and your resolution will be 720×1600 pixels however, that’s normal for this price point.

Samsung A12 Price in Pakistan


We’re pretty happy with our camera. If we had enough light we managed to get amazing photos with decent clarity. The photos aren’t exactly awe-inspiring to the viewers, yet they’re perfect for a typical usage case. We’re not complaining with these photos. Also, the HDR performance was really impressive. As shadows were well-exposed even in sunny weather while the sky not overexposed.

There’s also a second ultrawide camera, but it’s not as sharp but it makes great photos of your trip. The subject is cleanly cut in most cases, and the selfie camera is very nice if you get enough lighting. There is one issue we have. Night mode could be a great feature to have included here since it’s extremely useful to certain people, but the absence of it restricts us to the kind of shots we can shoot at night.

The videos aren’t too bad looking. You can shoot up to 1080p at 30 frames per second. It’s not a great deal or any other thing, but it is certainly adequate for family-friendly videos, or for the course of a trip. Another thing to be aware of is that the microphone on the device has a issue recording voices in the presence of background noise. So keep this in mind when creating an video in a busy area or on an area with a lot of traffic. Don’t expect any kind of video stabilization in this case as it could be the main issue if you intend to shoot while walking.


If you’re reading this, you may be wondering what it does with such a low cost. Let’s say this in a way: it’s not the fastest however, it’s certainly not slow or unresponsive either. Galaxy A12 Galaxy A12 comes equipped with the budget Helio P35 SoC. It’s not designed to be used for gaming or anything like that , so it had a hard time when we played Minecraft games on it. However, watching videos or browsing the internet are two activities it is able to do effortlessly. We mostly used Reddit and watched YouTube and it was able to keep up, although it did have some stumbles.

Additionally, Minecraft doesn’t really get hot significantly while playing Minecraft so that’s great. No pun intended. You’ll notice that some apps take a long time to load however once they are start, they operate smoothly. A processor that is weak is also a bonus of using very little energy.


The capacity of the battery you will get here is approximately 5500mAh. This is simply incredible. You can anticipate more than two days of usage in the event that you’re not using your phone a lot. As with every other phone available If you are constantly using it, you’ll need to likely charge it on that day. It does come with a fast charger included in the box However, remember the fact that “fast” in this case is just 15 watts, and it takes about two minutes to charge the battery.


Our Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy A12, at the very least for the majority of us, appears to be great deal at just 24,999 Pkr. This leaves it depending on the features you’re looking for in the device. We’re generally satisfied with the things that cheap phones can accomplish however, what about you guys? Do you consider this to be an adequate phone? Or would you prefer something different for this price or perhaps even pay more?

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