Best Metaverse Platforms to Play

Best Metaverse Platforms to Earn

A recent report from McKinsey & Company, one of the most renowned consultancy firms for management revealed that the metaverse market could grow to a staggering value of $5 trillion by 2030.

The majority of the growth in this field will likely be driven by new and exciting metaverse platforms that will emerge in the next few years, with several already making an impact on the market.

This guide will cover 12 of the most popular metaverse platforms that are available, and will explore the characteristics which make them so well-known, before delving into the benefits that could be gained from investing in projects that are based on metaverses.

Below are 10 of the most popular metaverse platforms that will be available in 2022, developed through extensive study and testing. We’ll look at each in the next section, focusing on their features along with their roadmaps, value, and potential.

  1. ALTROMAX – Overall Best Metaverse Platform for 2022
  2. Tamadoge – New P2E Metaverse Platform to Invest in 2022
  3. Battle Infinity Another Great Metaverse Platform and Gaming Ecosystem
  4. Decentraland –Huge Metaverse Platform Offering Virtual Land
  5. The Sandbox –Best Metaverse Platform for Customization
  6. Axie Infinity and InfinityPopular Monster Battling Game using P2E Elements
  7. Illuvium – Vibrant Blockchain Game Offering Rewards Potential
  8. Bloktopia Blktopia Virtual Skyscraper featuring 21 floors
  9. Roblox –Best Metaverse Platform for Children
  10. Metahero –Unique 3D Scanning Technology for Metaverse Platforms
  11. Star Atlas –Massive Space-Based Blockchain Strategy Game
  12. Nakamoto Games –P2E Gaming Ecosystem that will be a part of the coming Metaverse Project

A Closer Look at the Best Metaverse Platforms

Anyone who is considering investing in the metaverse should take a look at the options. Each of these platforms has received a huge amount of attention from mainstream media as well as social media outlets, and provides the best platform to grow.

What are Metaverse Platforms?

The idea of the metaverse has been used for many years, having first been used by Neil Stevenson in his novel Snow Crash, released in 1982. Since then, a variety of companies have explored this intriguing field which culminated in the launch in 2010 of Oculus Rift in 2010 being an important step.

That gave the public the first glimpse into the real-world metaverse could be like.

However, the meaning of metaverse platforms has changed in the last few times. It’s currently used to define the concept of a virtual system (usually 3D) that allows developers to create experiences beyond what is possible within the actual world.

A lot of the top metaverse games utilize virtual reality to offer an immersive experience for players.

Nowadays, the discussion of metaverse platforms tends to refer to those hosted on the blockchain or those that incorporate cryptocurrencies/NFTs.

This makes it simple to develop self-sustaining marketplaces in which users can create items.

As we mentioned in the opening paragraph. A new report from McKinsey and Company estimated that the metaverse industry could be worth up to $5 trillion. This makes this one of the fastest growing sectors in the blockchain industry. We could expect a lot of new exciting projects to come out over the next few years.

Projects like RobotEra allow players to create their own landscapes in metaverse. Which could include music as well as community events, museums and much more.

How do Metaverse Platforms Work?

In our list of top 10 metaverse platform, several of them offer features not offered by other platforms. This is possible due to the unique way in which metaverse platforms function.

The majority of these platforms integrate NFTs, cryptocurrencies, or both. The players can purchase cryptocurrency that is native to the metaverse platform (e.g. IBAT in Battle Infinity, MANA for Decentraland) and make use of it to purchase in-game items. The majority of the time the items are arranged as NFTs. They provide true ownership within the metaverse.

Metaverse platforms let users make their own avatars that act as an avatar’s virtual presence. The avatars are able to move through the three-dimensional virtual environment and connect with fellow players which allows them to build friendships with other like-minded individuals.

A lot of the top metaverse platforms, like Decentraland or The Sandbox, will also allow players to create games-based objects. This allows for endless possibilities of customizing and monetization as these creations are often structured as NFTs and then sold to other players.

Since the vast majority of the projects that we have listed as metaverse platforms use blockchain technology and decentralized, they offer a totally secure experience for players. This also means that players can’t have their in-game assets altered, and the ownership is clear.

For instance, if one has a particular piece of land in virtual form. Anyone on the network will be able to see it as the data is publically available.

Additionally, several companies are considering integrating VR (VR) headsets in the metaverse, allowing an immersive experience for their users. Investors typically buy these metaverse stocks to be exposed to this trend , that is expected to pick up momentum in the coming years.

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